Past Meetings/Webinars

Future Electrification beyond the More Electric Aircraft -- hybrid propulsion, energy conversion, status, trends, advantages, limitations ...
TEC & IAS (on the Internet)
Advanced Sensing Electronic Systems for Electrified and Autonomous Vehicles -- mild-hybrid, starter/generator, monitoring, Radar, Lidar, wireless, convergence, alliances ...
IEEE Transportation Electrification Community (on the Internet)
WIE CY2018 Kick-Off Event
ESD Affiliate Council Mtg.
Admin: WIE ‘Virtual’ Meeting
December ExCom Teleconference Meeting
Perspective, Challenges and Future of Automotive Cyber Security Enriched with Blockchain Technology -- privacy, trust between vehicles, data transaction blocks, perspectives, challenges ...
IEEE Transportation Electrification Community (on the Internet)
Admin: WIE ‘Virtual’ Meeting
SEM Monthly Meeting
Transformative Role of Photovoltaics in the Transportation Sector -- DC-powered network, role of PV, proof of concept, electric vehicles, transformative role ...
IEEE Transportation Electrification Committee (on the Internet)