2017 UND-SCIEI International Conference on Cyber-Security in: Aerospace, Computer Science, and Electrical Engineering (UND-SCIEI ICCS) 🗓

— cyber-security, pure and applied research, analysis, inference, design, planning, simulation …

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IEEE sponsors:
Red River Valley Section

Other sponsors: North Dakota Department of Aviation; North Dakota Department of Electrical Engineering; Science and Engineering Institute (SCIEI); University of North Dakota Department of Computer Science

This conference is to foster interdisciplinary and international collaboration opportunities, and strengthen domestic and international recognition in pure and applied research for the participants. Research in aviation, computer science, and electrical engineering is making strides in addressing the growing concern with cyber-security. With increasingly sophisticated research, there is a growing need for interdisciplinary and international availability, distribution, and exchange of the latest research results, in organic forms, including not only research papers, but also analysis, inference, design, planning, simulation, and production datasets. There is the need for new theories and technologies for the advancement of cyber security to protect the output of research and development in academia and industry, and this conference offers a forum for presenting original work and stimulating discussions and exchanges of ideas around these topics.

Location: Alerus Conference Center, 1200 S 42nd St, Grand Forks, ND

Information, and to register: iccs2017.und.edu

Please see the conference Web site for full details.