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IEEE sponsors: IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems Society, and IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Society
IEEE AUTOTESTCON is also known as the Systems Readiness Technology Conference. This major conference and exposition provides focus on the maintenance aspects of systems readiness and providing Mission Assurance through Advanced ATE (Automatic Test Equpmenrt/Systems). This includes Maintenance Repair & Overhaul as well as factory and development automated test equipment. This conference brings military and aerospace industry principals together to share new concepts, technologies and applications in this essential field of supportability and sustainability. The conference includes a major exhibit of exciting new products from a wide variety of exhibitors, and provides the opportunity to meet with senior military and aerospace leaders to discuss their future needs and expectations and the ways in which we can satisfy those needs.

Dates: 09 Sep – 15 Sep 2017
Location: Renaissance Hotel, 1551 N Thoreau Dr, Schaumburg, IL
More Information: www.autotestcon.com

Please see the conference Web site for full details.