Demystifying Blockchain for Energy and Utilities 🗓

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Webinar Date: Thursday, July 27, 2017
Time: 1:00 PM (EDT)
Speakers: Marc Peters, IBM Distinguished Engineer and CTO for E&U Europe, IBM; Jos Roling, Senior Architect for Global Center of Competency Energy & Utilities, IBM
Location: on the Web
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Summary: Blockchain is a new pattern in IT that dramatically changes the support of transactions between market participants that form an eco-system or business network. This particularly of importance for the energy & utility industry that is undergoing major transformation. This transformation leads to more frequent transactions and additional challenges linked to growth of distributed energy resources and number of market participants.
This talk demystifies the applications of blockchain in the energy eco system. After a brief explanation of blockchain we discuss how innovative energy parties address this new opportunity.
— The types of use cases of applying blockchain
— The decision model to start a blockchain project
— The taxonomy of a blockchain project
Finally, we briefly discuss some of the blockchain projects both presenters have worked on.

Marc Peters is an IBM Distinguished Engineer and IBMs CTO for Energy & Utilities in Europe. He is an industry transformation and architecture thought leader guiding energy and utility companies through the digital transformation and reinvention process. Marc is a co-chair of the bitkom smart grid workgroup and representing IBM in the Architecture and Quality Committee of openKonsequenz (a grid operator consortium). Marc is also a member of the global IBM E&U Architecture Council.
Jos Roling is an Open Group Master Certified Architect and blockchain leader in IBMs global center of competency for Energy & Utilities. He is an expert in IT/OT convergence and consults European utilities in their IoT and Blockchain initiatives.