EM Field-Based Design of Circuit Boards for First Pass EMC Compliance
Daniel Beeker
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EMC Seminar

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This seminar will consist of four sessions. The first session will explain how elec-tromagnetic fields behave on circuit boards. Material presented will focus on the basic principles and physics of electromagnetic energy. It will be presented in easy to understand language with plenty of diagrams. Attendees will discover how understanding the behavior of EM fields can help to design PCBs that will be more robust and have better electromagnetic compatibility performance. In the second session, techniques to improve EMC performance of circuit boards will be discussed. A new design approach that utilizes an electromagnetic physics-based design methodology to control the field energy in your design will be presented. The third session will focus on a simple EM physics- and geometry-based ap-proach for designing power distribution networks on PCBs. From input power connection to the IC die, the simple rules discussed can be used to reduce power-supply noise and improve EMC. The final session will be on PCB design to sur-vive transients. This session will cover some definitions of ESD and EOS while explaining the important differences in the energy involved and the resulting dam-age and design to mitigate transients. The session will also review PCB design for improving system robustness.
Attendees will have the opportunity to network with EMC and Test Equipment vendors. Past seminars have featured up to 30 exhibitors!
With more than 39 years of experience in electronic system de-sign and EMC, Daniel Beeker provides applications support for NXP Automotive customers worldwide. Daniel also supports NXP customers globally with special function development tools and instrumentation (almost all of the “LFxxx” tools on the NXP website). Daniel worked for Freescale Semiconductor before Freescale and NXP merged in 2015. Daniel also specializes in EMC and signal integrity design techniques for systems and PCBs. In support of this, Daniel has completed more than 200 PCB design evaluations for customers and internal NXP products. Daniel teaches field based design techniques at NXP and industry conferences worldwide; more than 70 sessions with more than 3500 attendees since 2010. Daniel is also in-volved with NXP IC package design and IC development tool teams to support improved EMC performance, working on more than 20 IC designs. Specialties: Microprocessor and Microcontroller development tools, PCB layout techniques for EMC and signal integrity, and Automotive applications specialist.
Rockford, Illinois is located just over an hour’s drive from Chicago’s O’Hare air-port. Direct bus service from Chicago/O’Hare airport is available. There are sev-eral hotels within few blocks of the Giovanni’s Conference Center. For more in-formation about things to see and do in Rockford, Visit https://www.gorockford.com/
Seminar Overview
Session 1 – Understanding how Electromagnetic Fields behave on Circuit Boards
Session 2 – First Pass EMC Cir-cuit Board Design: Techniques to Improve Performance
Session 3 – Power Distribution Made Easy
Session 4 – PCB Design to Sur-vive Transients
June 13, 2017
7:30 AM – 6:00 PM
Giovanni’s Restaurant
and Conference Center
Rockford, IL
Seminar Registration
IEEE Members $125.00
Non-IEEE Members $175.00 IEEE Student Members $60.00
Group Rate (4 + from same corporation), please call.
Seminar Fee includes seminar attendance, a copy of the presentation material, and breakfast, lunch, and refresh-ments.
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