Understanding Stimulated Brillouin Scattering with a Multiphysics Approach in COMSOL đź—“

— optical fibers, critical level, electrostrictive stress, acoustical phonons, experimental results …

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Webinar Date: Thursday, April 6, 2017
Time: 2:00 PM (EDT)
Speaker: Dr. Carl Meinhart, UC-Santa Barbara; Mads Herring Jensen, COMSOL
Location: on the Web
Cost: none
RSVP: required
Event Details & Registration: http://spectrum.ieee.org/webinars

Summary: If you are interested in learning how to model stimulated Brillouin scattering (SBS) in COMSOL Multiphysics®, then tune into this webinar with guest speaker Carl Meinhart of Numerical Design, Inc. and the University of California, Santa Barbara.
SBS is commonly observed in long lengths of optical fiber, where the electromagnetic intensity exceeds a critical level and there is sufficient distance for the SBS to accumulate. There has been renewed interest in SBS, as it is now feasible to microfabricate photonic chips that exhibit SBS.
In this webinar, we present a multiphysics approach for simulating SBS in the COMSOL® software. First, optical whispering gallery modes are predicted. Next, they are combined with the photoelastic tensor to estimate the 3D electrostrictive stress distribution, which is used to simulate 11-GHz acoustical phonons. Finally, the SBS gain is calculated by integrating the overlap modes between the pump photons and acoustic phonons. The results are compared to experimental data (Hansuek et al., 2012), which reports Q factors approaching 875 million.

Dr. Carl Meinhart is a professor of mechanical engineering at the University of California – Santa Barbara (UCSB). He obtained his PhD from the University of Illinois in 1994. Since coming to UCSB in 1996, his research has focused on developing microfluidic devices and investigating their fundamental transport mechanisms. Professor Meinhart’s research on microfluidics has been cited approximately 7800 times, with an h-index of 34 (Google Scholar™ scholarly texts search). He has seven issued patents. In addition to being a professor at UCSB, Dr. Meinhart is the founder and CEO of Numerical Design, Inc., which is a COMSOL Certified Consultant. Dr. Meinhart is a fellow of the American Physical Society.
Mads Herring Jensen is a technical product manager for acoustics who joined COMSOL in 2011. Before starting at COMSOL, he worked in the hearing aid industry for five years as an acoustic finite element expert. Mads has a PhD in computational fluid dynamics from the Technical University of Denmark.