Advanced Printed Circuit Board Design for EMC LearnEMC Short Courses May 4th đź—“


Advanced Printed Circuit Board Design for EMC

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Date: May 4, 2017

Time: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm


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Instructor: Dr. Todd Hubing, President of LearnEMC and past-president of IEEE EMC Society

Location: Stoughton, WI

This is an advanced course for engineers who design products that must comply with EMC requirements on the first test pass. The course discusses basic methodologies for reviewing circuit board layouts and schematics to identify and evaluate potential EMC and signal integrity issues.  Examples derived from actual circuit board designs are used to illustrate proper and improper layouts in various situations. Implementation and layout strategies for various types of circuits are reviewed including high-speed digital, RF analog, LF analog, power inverters, controllers and mixed-signal designs.

It is assumed that students taking this course have a basic understanding of fundamental EMC concepts. (For example, students that have completed the Electronic Systems Design for EMC Compliance course or the Design for Automotive EMC Compliance course.) The focus of the course will be on the application of these concepts to actual product designs. Students completing this course will have the skills necessary to conduct well-organized circuit board design reviews and make good decisions regarding component selection, component placement, layer stack-up, trace routing and grounding.