AUTONOMOUS CAR DETROIT Wednesday March 14, 2018 @ The Henry Hotel in Dearborn, Michigan 🗓


— AUTONOMOUS CAR DETROIT Wednesday March 14, 2018 @ The Henry Hotel in Dearborn, Michigan
Meeting Date: Wednesday, March 14th, 2018
Time: 8 – 6:00 PM

Location: The Henry, 300 Town Center Drive, Dearborn, Michigan 48126
Cost: $795

Event Details: (link text to chapter/vTools information)

8am: Registration and networking breakfast
Main Stage
9am: Incorporating autonomous vehicles into rideshare networks
Stephen Lesh, Uber
9:30am: The path to level 5 autonomy (panel discussion)
Leading experts provide unique insight into the challenges, solutions and opportunities that exist for autonomous car stakeholders over the next decade and beyond.
Moderated by Gary Silberg, National Sector Leader Automotive, KPMG
Mark Crawford, Great Wall Motor Company | Jeremy McClain, Continental | Brian Mullins, DAQRI
10:30am: Networking break
Track 1
Session 1: Urban Mobility
Moderated by Sam Abuelsamid, Senior Research Analyst, Navigant Research
11am: The role of car sharing in the future of transportation
Jeff Shields, Maven Manager for Field Operations, Maven
11:20am: Presentation title TBC
11:40am: What about me? A look at urban autonomy for the end consumer
Jon Demerly, Product Owner, AVP & UHAD, Zenuity
12pm: Connecting communities through self-driving microtransit
Edwin Olson, Co-Founder & CEO, May Mobility
Track 2
Session 1: Mapping
11am: Presentation title TBC
11:20am: Presentation by TomTom
Frans de Rooij, Director Segment Marketing, Automotive, TomTom
11:40am: Map standards on the key road to autonomous driving
Volker Sasse, VP NavInfo, Chairman NDS / OADF
12pm: Presentation title TBC
12:30pm: Networking lunch
Track 1
Session 2: Human Factors
Moderated by Ray Telang, US Automotive Leader, PwC
1:30pm: Presentation title TBC
1:50pm: Presentation title TBC
2:10pm: Presentation title TBC
2:30pm: Presentation title TBC
Track 2
Session 2: Vision Systems
1:30pm: Presentation title TBC
1:50pm: Taming the vision data torrent using edge processing
Allan Steinhardt, Chief Scientist, AEye
2:10pm: Ground truth: semantic segmentation best practices for training deep learning models
Sheikh Shuvo, Product & Solutions Manager, Mighty Ai
2:30pm: The eyes of true autonomy
Jason Eichenholz, Co-Founder & CTO, Luminar Technologies
3:00pm: Networking break
Track 1
Session 3: Artificial Intelligence
Moderated by Wolfgang Bernhart, Senior Partner, Roland Berger
3:30pm: Presentation title TBC
3:50pm: Presentation by CrowdFlower
Humayun Irshad, Machine Learning Scientist, CrowdFlower
4:10pm: Training and validation of neural networks in virtual environments
Carl Squire, Managing Director US, IPG Automotive
4:30pm: A safety reinforcement approach for autonomous driving
Edward Schwalb, Lead Scientist, Machine Learning Group, MSC Software
Track 2
Session 3: Testing & Validation
3:30pm: Addressing the time-to-production gap for highly automated vehicles
Dan Mender, VP of Business Development, Green Hills Software
3:50pm: Keeping cameras and sensors clean in an autonomous future
Ales Alajbegovic, Vice President, Ground Transportation Applications, Exa
4:10pm: ML-driven contextual awareness for autonomous vehicles- teaching vehicles about neighboring objects
Paul Drysch, Vice President of Sales and Business Development, Civil Maps
4:30pm: Presentation by Samsung
Paul Liu, Principal Architect, Samsung
5pm: Networking drinks
6pm: Close